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We have many different pricing plans to
your particular project. These prices
are for our most common services.
Give us a call for a quote for your
specific needs... we aim to please.

Concert/Recital Recording: $200
On-location recording including 2 hours with
approx. 1/2 hour reserved for setup/tear down.
This price is for stereo recording with minimal
editing (song order and applause taper).
You'll receive a master DAT and CD-R.
CD replication available...
Multitrack recording available...

Session Recording: $100 per hour
Location recording session with 24 tracks of
24 bit/48kHz (12 tracks at 96kHz) audio.
3 hour minimum with 1 hour reserved for
setup/tear down.

Digital Editing, Processing: $80 per hour
Standard or high-res audio editing using
Sonic Solutions HD workstation including
broad-band noise reduction.

Mastering: $80 per hour
Final sequencing, EQ, levels, and compression
to give your recordings a coherent sound.
Final master delivered on DDP and CD-R.

Community or School Projects: CALL
We have several packages to help community
and school organizations afford, and normally
profit from, recordings of their concerts. Each
package is designed around your expected
audience and concert plans.
Call us for details...
2 concert engagements minimum